About KRPA

About the KPRA

Keystone Rifle and Pistol Association is here to support the firearm community’s Second Amendment rights in Pennsylvania. This is accomplished through hosting competitions, supporting local clubs, reaching out with news and updates through KRPA’s media channels, and advocating for the second amendment.

KPRA’s Statement of Principles

The Keystone Rifle and Pistol Association will support the firearms community in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by:

  • Defending the individual’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • Representing the firearms and shooting communities to our elected officials.
  • Promoting and providing for the safe enjoyment of firearms through competitions, matches, training, and other organized activities within the commonwealth.
  • Collaborating with and supporting firearms-related clubs and organizations within the commonwealth.

Board of Directors

Todd Ellis


NRA Benefactor Life member and ardent supporter of NRA-ILA, law enforcement, Scouting, competitive shooting, and firearm training. Founder and President of Pennsylvania’s NRA-affiliated state association. Member of the NRA Board of Directors. Advocate of 2A rights, advising legislators, candidates, and key groups. Sworn Auxiliary Police Officer. Appointed State Training Counselor Liaison for Pennsylvania and proponent of safe firearms education in Philadelphia. Competitive smallbore rifle shooter and certified Level 2 Rifle Coach in Smallbore and High Power. National Outstanding Eagle Scout awardee, authored NRA Foundation grant applications for Scout Councils in multiple states. Actively involved as chair or committee member of multiple Friends of NRA committees. Businessman, fundraiser, contributor for youth shooting programs, Scout scholarships, and underprivileged youth programs. Organized and coached Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics.

John P. Kline

Executive Director

A staunch defender of civil rights, especially the right to keep and bear arms, John is an NRA Benefactor member, NRA Firearms instructor in many disciplines but specializes with those new to shooting and beginning to exercise their second amendment rights.  This focus is most important as citizens are waking up to the threat to our rights as Pennsylvanians and all Americans.  As a professional legislative and regulatory advisor in Harrisburg, John sees first-hand what issues come before those serving us in the Pennsylvania capitol.  A strong presence in every state’s capitol is vital.  John voluntarily serves on several boards including Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers Association and the Wildlife Leadership Academy.

Nayara Andrejczyk


As a native of Brazil Nayara has seen up-close the catastrophic consequences of “successful” gun control laws and of the restrictions imposed on law-abiding citizens. Her South-American background has driven her commitment to share her passion for freedom and firearms, and her knowledge with anyone who crosses her path rendering her the title “The Gun Evangelist”.

Nayara is a firm believer in and strong advocate for the Second Amendment, a certified firearms instructor in several disciplines instructing in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. The Gun Evangelist is particularly passionate about teaching new and prospective gun owners.

Nayara is a member and supporter of the NRA, a volunteer instructor for the Women on Target, volunteer worker for the Friends of the NRA banquets, firearms sales associate, and competitive shooter.